About Filomena Day

Oncfilomenaday225-168x300e a CPA, Filomena T. Day, who helped business owners and individual clients balance their books, now also empowers clients searching for “better ways” (habits/processes) to balance their lives by implementing self-defined intentional change in their business and personal life.  Her coaching is based on a proprietary system developed over 40 years of focused study, empirical research, professional and non-profit service, and the ancient Satori principle of “seeing into one’s true nature”.

As a wealth coach, Filomena helps clients improve their relationship with money and develop income strategies that protect your money during stages of accumulation and retirement.  She especially enjoys families planning for their children’s education without going broke.  She is a certified college planning advisor and president of Diversified College Funding Advisors, whose services connect the complex pieces of college planning and funding together to coach you and your child through all of the steps with less stress! Filomena continues her personal pursuit of bigger dreams and has designed a Dream Big Facebook community to help others find, design, fund and live their dreams.  Please visit and join the community today and start planning and living the dream!

Filomena also helps clients insure their life and their mortgages, protect their income, and find funding for their commercial real estate projects.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and energy coach, Filomena helps clients de-stress their lives by helping them understand the universal laws of attraction.  She helps clients clear the energy within themselves and their external environments through the practice of Reiki (ray- key), Emotional Freedom Technique, and Feng Shui principles. Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy, a practice that releases the flow of energy throughout one’s Chakras, or energy centers of the body. Reiki can be accomplished in person or over distances. Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that creates balance in one’s environment through the art of placement of the five elements of nature: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Filomena helps clients expand their self-concept, tune up their energy, turn up their competencies, and empower themselves with significant support systems.

Let Filomena help you identify and remove the distractions, obstacles, and tolerations that drain your valuable energy and keep you from achieving your true potential in whatever area of life you are yearning for more success!

As a professional development coach, Filomena presents programs which provide business building skills and interpersonal communication strategies to teens and adults of all ages. Some of her more popular programs include:
“Y.E.S. I Can! (Young Entrepreneurial Success)
“Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say!tm
“Management Would be Easy, if it Weren’t for Other People!tm
“Whistle While You Work; No More Hump Days!tm”

As a teen coach, she taught and coached high school and college students through a business program, Young Entrepreneurial Success (YEStm), specifically designed for young entrepreneurs. YEStm is based on her years of experience in a variety of businesses, as a CPA, and seven years of presenting Junior Achievement economic educational programs in elementary classrooms.

Filomena has presented numerous seminars, keynotes, and workshops on diverse topics including team building, business basics, self-esteem, finding fulfillment through work, stress management, conflict prevention and resolution, time and space management, and emotional intelligence. Participants find her presentations enlightening, informative, humorous, thought provoking, and entertaining.

She is the co-author of three non-fiction books, the most recent reaching the Amazon Best Seller list!

You too will have the opportunity to discover “The FTD Way” to create and develop more powerful and meaningful personal and professional relationships that will allow you to live a better life, day by day.

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