About Better Days Solutions

Welcome to the Better Days Solutions (BDS) home on the internet.  BDS is the Coaching division of Better Day Ventures!

The BDS coaching programs and services allow you to get to your desired outcome more quickly than traveling alone.

Since 1991, Better Day Ventures (BDV) has created or partnered with a variety of creative companies and progressive programs which have helped thousands of individuals and business leaders deal with personal and business challenges more effectively, develop strategies and solutions required to attain their desired results and positively transform their lives and businesses!

BDV’s programs and services focus on five central aspects that dramatically influence your “whole” life, all five areas are naturally integrated by accessing one company. (These areas make up the word, whole.)
Wealth  – Dream Big Financial Associates provides customized financial programs and coaching services for every individual – includes income production, asset protection, and legacy preservation.  We coach clients through debt reduction and elimination strategies, as well as unleash the power of tax deferred and tax-free income benefits.

Accelerate your maximum wealth potential and transform your life one account at a time!

Health – programs and services offering you energy therapies (Reiki & Emotional Freedom Techniques) and recommended effective weight management programs to intentionally transform your health by shifting your focus and habits daily.

Achieve your maximum health potential and transform your life one habit at a time!

Organization – Better Days Organizing Plus organizing services at your home or your office will help increase your energy using time-tested feng shui principles to reduce clutter or rearrange your surroundings which will allow the flow of chi to move freely around your environment.

Adapt your maximum organizational potential and transform your life one room at a time!

Lifestyle & Love-life – coaching programs and services are designed to incorporate your personal or business natural strengths with focused strategic actions to achieve desired outcomes and lasting results.  Coaching through difficult life events may help increase your energy level and financial well-being thereby improving your overall lifestyle.

Attain your maximum lifestyle mindset and transform your life one day at a time!

Excursions & Events – vacations and retreats help people relax, rejuvenate, and recreate in “fafa” away places through Fun and Fabulous Adventures, BDV’s travel division…and of course getting “fafa” away will help you increase your energy at rates which will fit your budget.
Events help us connect to others at one time and place and enjoy time in the community we are involved with.  They also serve to help us develop more as individuals depending upon the reason for the event or gathering.

Adventures will transform your life one experience or event at a time!

Discover how implementing creative and proven practices and mastering success strategies can transform your destiny day by day!
The internal shift happens as a result of developing and maintaining positive intentional changes to your mindset and daily inspired success habits.  SHIFT enables you to achieve more success than you imagined possible in all areas of  life (financial, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).   These WHOLE practices concepts will change your whole life!

You are an integral part of designing that desired success!


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