Lifestyle & Life Events

How can coaching help you successfully transition through life events, improve your relationships and your lifestyle?

Coaching can help you live a more positive lifestyle and create success as you define it! You become more aware of the thoughts that empower you rather than enslave you, develop plans with more clarity of the desired outcome and stay focused, motivated and inspired. Like a balloon that is changed forever once it is inflated, coaching can help you change your life forever by showing you how to instantly SHIFT your thoughts and live more abundantly and joyfully.  Together, we bring about better solutions for your life challenges! You will be well on your way to create a more meaningful and prosperous life!

Clients tell me that I create a safe space where becoming the “best you” you can be is easier and free of guilt or judgment! (without the solitary struggles)  Coaching with me will provide you an opportunity to improve your WHOLE life, day by day! AND more than that, a life changing opportunity to nurture meaningful relationships with those significant others in your life.  Let’s create an authentic place where your passion for your dreams pull you toward living a life that is true to yourself and where you are more present to the people you love and want to support.

I invite you to reach out to me today and begin living a wealthier and healthier life by creating a more confident self image, increasing your energy level, improving your competencies and developing strong support systems.

Better Days Coaching Programs 

  1. A Better Day the FTD Way
  2. Be More Courageously Confident; Realize Every Dream
  3. Connect Your DOTS® to See Your Big Vision
  4. Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle
  5. Discover Your Money Personality Impact on Prosperity
  6. Energy & Balance – Is Balance Really Achievable?
  7. Everyone Needs Great SECS!®
  8. Executive / Leadership Coaching for Small Businesses
  9. Five Steps to Financial Fitness®
  10. GOAL:  Get Organized And Live More . . .!®
  11. Management Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People!
  12. No More Manic Mornings
  13. Personal Foundation – Success in 12 Key Areas  in 12 Weeks!
  14. Prosperity Fundamentals – Fill Your Bucket, Before You Kick It
  15. Retire Happy – Strategies for Living in the Golden Years
  16. SHIFT Your Money Maker – Money Mastery in 90 days!
  17. Stress Management – De-Stress Your Mess!
  18. Tax – Free Retirement Miracle – Not a Miracle After All
  19. Teen Coaching – Creating Your Path Toward the REAL World
  20. Time Management – It’s About Time You Take Control!
  21. Whistle While You Work – No More Blue Mondays!
  22. YES!® – Young Entrepreneurial Success!

Mentors Who Have Inspired Filomena

Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and The Power of Focus, The Success Principles, The Aladdin Factor