Events & Excursions

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PROGRAMS presented by Filomena Day, The SHIFT Coach

Many BDS coaching programs are designed to provide access to information and inspiration in the comfort of your own home or office.
Live programs are geared to group workshops, retreats, and mastermind gatherings.

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Other Popular Programs:

  • Get Out of Debt FAST! – Just because there’s a “B” in debt, doesn’t mean you have to!
  • Beyond Remorse, Regret, Revenge and Resentment! (Recovery After Divorce!)  Finding financial fitness through and beyond the divorce process!
  • Staying Financially Calm During a Sea of Change!
  • A to Z’s of Success (Ideal for Entrepreneurs and Business Teams)
  • Transitions & Transformations
  • Effective Ways to Manage Stress

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EXCURSIONS – presented by Fun and Fabulous Adventures

Living a “whole” life means you enjoy life to the fullest by balancing your work and your personal life! After all, all work and no play, makes for a very boring and futile life! 

Balancing your work / personal life means that you purposefully plan time away from your business or career to make sure the most meaningful parts of your personal relationships are nurtured  and are supportive and rewarding!

We can help plan excursions which provide you with ways to regenerate, re-energize, and revisit parts of yourself which are suspended on hold during your work day.

Whether your adventurous lifestyle entails exploring the world’s natural wonders and traveling to the ends of the earth or spending quiet, leisurely moments and days with significant others connecting through mutually enjoyable entertaining and meaningful experiences, you will enjoy having access to the numerous discounted travel programs available only to resort unit owners of Paradise Village Beach Resort and Spa and the Advantage Program.    (Ask about special retreats being planned.)

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