Get Organized and Live MORE. . . New Teleseminar!

Our GOAL is to help you GET ORGANIZED AND LIVE More . . . ! (whatever more that means for you!)

Enjoy more of life with the Get Organized and Live program!
Enjoy more of life with the Get Organized and Live program!

If you have tried to get organized in the past without success, it’s not because there is something wrong with you! It’s not because of some “willpower” thing that prevents you from completing tasks!

It’s because it’s natural to get frustrated and bored when you go it alone! Without support and guidance, most people procrastinate or just throw their hands­ in the air and give up right before any organizing system can prove helpful.  They focus on the current frustrations with their current predicament versus on the wonderful feeling of what finally getting organized will feel like!

So if you feel stuck, not sure where to start, and if organizing has been far too overwhelming to do alone, here’s your chance to see immediate, powerful results from a simple tried and true organizing method that will transform your home, your office…and possibly your life!

 Join us from the comfort of your own home for our unique and
practical ideas on helping you enjoy more of life!

Choose which date to attend this introductory teleseminar from wherever you are!

Go from CHAOS to CALM and work more productively!
Go from CHAOS to CALM and work more productively!

During this FREE session, you’ll discover…

  • 4 ingredients you need to create your UNIQUE,  Organizing Plan to tackle ANY MESS
  • 3 step SIMPLE strategy you’ll need to guarantee successful organizing project
  • 2 easy but powerful little TRICKS designed to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED
  • 1 most overlooked TOOL accomplished organizers use

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    I have some very important IDEAS TO SHARE with you that have made the enormous task of organizing everything in my life a lot more simplified.

    I am not talking about achieving the look of that “Martha Stewart” home or office people think requires lots of staff and money!  I’m talking about a desire to live clutter-free and fluff-free in all areas of life!  The desire to find the direction needed to continue or re-implement your organizing action steps long after the desire to complete them has diminished. Now if you’re like most people, you’ve probably given up on one or two of those action steps because you didn’t see immediate results.  In fact, you may have even settled into your old comfort zone and relatively indifferent life where those de-cluttering inspirations are filed away in the “maybe someday I will be more organized” folder… The trouble is…when you give up on your intense dreams and desires, a piece of you dies with each murmur of negative self talk (monkey mind). And when that piece dies, your world gets a little duller… and when that happens…unfortunately, EVERYONE around you suffers. Fortunately, you have the ability turn it all around. All you need is to schedule 30 minutes to discover a few simple strategies and tools to help you on your journey.

    You will have the opportunity to participate in a very affordable, 3 week group coaching program following the Free Introductory Teleseminar.  You will get the continued personalized support needed to avoid the most common pitfalls you’ll undoubtedly encounter in the pursuit of your objective to Get Organized and Live!
    NOW you can receive the guidance and support of a Professional Organizer for far less than it would cost to have a private consultation!

With just a few simple steps you can bounce back from the draining memories of previously unsuccessful attempts to clear the extraneous stuff (and, dare I say, distracting people) in your life… and these steps are as easy to use as your hairbrush.
With just a handful of tips, tricks and tools, you’ll be well on your way to overcoming any challenge and achieving a calm and restful mind and place.  You will want to re-create a bright new future of success, happiness, inspiration, and fulfillment . . . and when YOU are inspired, you’ll inspire EVERYONE around you!  Just register now and let’s get you on track to eliminate the mess with less distress!

IF YOU DECIDE YOU ARE READY, ABLE AND WILLING TO MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR ORGANIZING PLAN, YOU WILL BE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN A THREE WEEK GROUP PROGRAM for only $97**!  (Ask about special discounts for members of our selected Women’s groups:  Maine Women’s Network, Women Inspiring Women, Center for Wisdom’s WomenThe International Women’s Leadership Association)
**Women Inspiring Women and Maine Women’s Network members are eligible for a discounted Registration Fee of  $67 (a savings of more than 30%) (MWN Members: 25% of proceeds of your program will benefit the Center for Wisdom’s Women!)
Choose which date to attend this introductory teleseminar from wherever you are!

Reserve your spot by emailing with GOAL in the Subject Line – – –
ou will receive teleseminar details and access info by email.


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