WOW Specials

When I first started listening to the Women’s Prosperity Network WOW Wednesday teleconferences back in April of 2014, I knew I had found my tribe.  I am grateful for the years of inspiration, valuable ideas, enlightenment, and welcoming energy offered by so many genuine people in this awesome community of prosperous minds and nurturing spirits. I am happy to be a Gold member of this empowering group.

In honor of “The Journey to the Stage” Volume 5 publication, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to take advantage of any or all of the following FIVE gifts and offers I have put together for you. 

1)  FREE OFFER ($100 value)

The first step of “Five Steps to Financial Fitness” is to assess your current financial health.  You will receive a FREE assessment tool and guidance on how to complete it. The second step is to Commit to improve it.  The next three steps may require assistance to Plan, Implement, and Evaluate it.  I can help make those steps less stressful!
Let’s begin to change your “bitchuation” the FTD Way!
(FTD = From This Day)
If you would like this offer, request it here indicating Offer # Desired.

See full details by clicking the link to Eventbrite pages.

Be More Courageously Confident; Realize Every Dream!
How much better could your life be if you could be more courage and confidence!

GOAL More…!  (Get Organized and Live More . . . !)
Clearing the clutter in your Mind, Energy, Space, and Time
to Enjoy More ….!  Whatever it is that You Want from Life!
Attending either of these FREE Intro Workshops entitles you to register for the Group Teleseminars/Webinars following the Intros  at a WPN price of $48 per person instead of the regular price of $88 per person.

3)  $100 Discount for SHIFT Your Money Maker!™
“I Don’t Have a Problem with Money! I Have a Problem Without it!”
Ideas, tools, and techniques to help you create more money, time and freedom from debt mentality.  Just because there is a “b” in debt, doesn’t mean you have to be!

Every thought that you have impacts you.  By shifting from a thought that weakens to one that strengthens, you raise your energy vibration and strengthen yourself and the immediate energy field.” ~ Wayne Dyer

“How do I know if the SHIFT Your Money Maker!™  program is for me?”


unhappy about your current financial situation,

unsure about how to apply proven Success Principles to 
improve it in the future, or

ready to discover what is preventing you from making more money, then

it is time for you to participate in this program!

Find Registration Form Here!
$388 vs regular $488 cost

4. FREE OFFER – Complimentary Discovery Legacy Session  ($200 value)

Want a glimpse into your possible financial legacy?

Want ways to get tax-free access to your future financial needs?  

Let me provide a no-obligation illustration of what your available options are now and for the future.


5. $500 off College Planning Services from
Diversified College Funding Advisors

Schedule an appointment and let us help you connect the complex pieces of college planning and funding together to coach you and your child through all of the steps with less stress!
(Services include $500 Tuition Reward Points to use at over 360 colleges in the SAGE Consortium.)

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